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Our work covers a wide range of project types and budget ranges.  Clients enjoy working with us collaboratively to achieve their individual project goals.  We specialize in planning, project feasibility, interior design, furniture selection, specification, procurement, and historic preservation. 



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Pooja N.

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"Jen at VERSA was exactly what we needed! My spouse and I just moved into town. Jen spent the day with us and organized all that stuff, and talked to us extensively about how to organize our rooms and closet spaces."

Catherine R.

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"Jen walked me through every step and took charge without judgement or criticism and it is not exaggerating to say she has changed my life with her skill and her kindness! Now my apartment is feeling more like my own home and I feel like I’m in more control thanks to Jen’s teachings on organizing and maintaining strategies. I could not have done this without her!!!"

Sunny K.

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"Wonderful job! Organized my clothes and saved me so much space and stress! Gave me practical tips that save me time and money!!"

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